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We help enthusiasts develop advanced web design,development and digital marketing skills.

1Learn Basic Wordpress Development.


This course is designed with entrepreneurs and businesses in mind. With the change of lifestyle around us, we need our businesses to adapt with it and maintain our online presence. By completing this course successfully you will have the knowledge needed to create a baisc website without much coding.

2Learn Basic Mobile Friendly Web Development.

Despite being an entry level course, students will learn the latest technologies used in modern web development to make website responsive depending upon the device - Mobile, Tab or Computer. With free web hosting, we will guide you so that you can complete your mobile friendly website within the duration of this course.

3Learn Advanced Wordpress Theme Design.

As a professional web designer, you may want to design some custom themes for your clients, or sell the themes online. Whatever be the case, learning to design wordpress themes are essential for any web developer. Wordpress uses PHP functions to call different parts of the code. So a little bit prior knowledge of PHP is required before we start this course.

4Learn Dynamic Web Development with PHP.

Most of the advanced websites need to create web pages dynamically using databases. Students will learn basic PHP with MySQL to create advanced dynamic websites with members login, restricted pages, uses of email, search functions etc.

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Responsive Web Design

Learn HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Wordpress and design a complete mobile friendly website.

No Code Wordpress Development

You will have the knowledge needed to create a baisc website without much coding.