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AI Based Non-intrusive Hair Analysis

HAIRSCOPE is an AI-driven SaaS software intended to be used in Precise trichoscopy analysis, Hair transplantation planning and Laser treatment optimization. HAIRSCOPE is tailored to excel in providing unparalleled accuracy in calculating the number and size of hairs within a defined surface, managing your patients and their hair analysis history, comparing between analysis and providing customized reports.
Data-Driven Decision-Making:
HAIRSCOPE’s detailed analysis enhances client consultations, providing data driven recommendations for transparent and confident decisions. It aids in educating clients about the proposed hair implementation plan or laser removal processes, fostering confidence and satisfaction, enhancing the overall quality of your services.
Track Progress and Compare:
HAIRSCOPE stores comprehensive patient histories, allowing you to track progress over time. Easily compare and analyze data for personalized and evolving treatment plans.
Professional Reports:
Generate detailed and customized reports with HAIRSCOPE, impress your clients with visualized data, add analysis comparison to the reports. Directly print or download these reports as PDF or easily share with your clients via email, whatsapp etc.
Security and Compliance:
Rest easy knowing that your and your clients data is secure. Our applications adhere to the highest security standards, with role-based access controls and compliance with data protection regulations.

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Incorporate HAIRSCOPE into your practice to offer cutting-edge hair analysis and treatment services. Elevate your reputation and attract more clients seeking advanced and personalized solutions. Impress your clients with visualized data and establish yourself as a leader in advanced hair analysis and treatments.
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